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LAW oral history project

Amanda Bradley


Carrie Daughtrey


The LAW Oral History Project will honor and celebrate the history of LAW, its founders, past presidents, and other LAW trailblazers. The Project chairs, in partnership with the LAW Archivist, will preserve LAW's history in the LAW Archives, now housed in the Women's Room at the Downtown Branch of the Nashville Public Library. This project was created in 2022 by President Shellie Handelsman.

The first oral history will be in honor and memory of the late Justice Cornelia Clark, who was an active LAW member, a former board member, and the 2017 recipient of the Martha Craig Daughtry award. Her 2017 acceptance speech for the Martha Craig Daughtry award sums up the premise of this project. She said:

"I remind you that, as the women rising, it is now mostly in your hands to promote respect for the rule of law, for the separation of powers, and for the achievement of true equal access to justice for all people, whatever their background or status. Continuing to overcome the challenges is the best way to honor those who have come before you and to preserve the hard-won privileges of equality for those who will follow you."

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