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On January 27, 1981, the first organizational meeting of the Lawyers’ Association for Women was held.  This meeting was the result of several months of ground work by a group of women lawyers intent on providing opportunities for women lawyers to become better acquainted with one another on both social and professional levels and to further specific purposes, including working for the selection of qualified women for election and nomination to the bench and for the continuing improvement of the overall quality of the bench, encouraging participation of women lawyers in existing bar organizations at the committee and officer levels, and promoting career opportunities for women lawyers. The efforts of these founding members of LAW have enriched our lives, both personally and professionally. Thank you to our founding members for their vision, guidance and support in the beginning and throughout the years.

To read the Bylaws of LAW, please go to the Bylaws page.


LAW's Founders

Katherine A. Austin

Suzanne Keith

Margaret L.  Behm

Mary Frances Lyle

Chancellor Claudia C. Bonnyman

Colleen P. MacLean

Sylvia Brown

Chancellor Carol McCoy

Rose P. Cantrell

Susan Emery McGannon

Jeanne Casstevens Thomas

Elizabeth L. Miller

Kathryn Celauro

Susan Mosley

Nancy Krider Corley

Barbara Moss

Judge Patricia J. Cottrell

Karen S. Neal

Bonnie Cowan

Jean Nelson

Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey

Christina Norris

Kimberly J. Dean

Mary Parker

Dot Dobbins

Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur

Chris Entis

Abby R. Rubenfeld

Judge Sue McKnight Evans

Mary Martin Schaffner

Wendy H. Goggin

Judge Marietta Shipley

Judge Juliet Griffin

Judge Carol Soloman

Donna Harkness

Judge Aleta A. Trauger

Penny Harrington

Vicki Tuterrow

Judge Barbara Haynes

Mary E. Walker

Margaet M. Huff

Jayne Ann Woods

Beth Jones

Mariah Wooten

Susan Kay


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