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Diversity Equity and inclusion Committee

Catherine Tabor


The Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for opening and improving the lines of communication to promote social and professional interaction and collaboration between majority female lawyers and lawyers of color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and age.  It also identifies barriers in the legal profession that are uniquely encountered by lawyers who are not majority women and implements mechanisms for removing or diminishing those barriers.

The committee is also devoted to increasing the visibility in the community of female lawyers, and particularly female lawyers who are of color, to encourage greater community involvement. In addition to the foregoing, the committee aims to develop programs that increase the recruitment and participation of lawyers who are women of color in LAW; to advocate cultural diversity within LAW's membership, programs, committees and leadership; and to increase the awareness of issues that disproportionately affect lawyers who are women of color. Projects of the committee have included a mentoring-outreach program with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Buena Vista Elementary School and serving as a Pencil Partner to Buena Vista School. The committee has also sponsored essay contests for high school students in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. 

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