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Marion Griffin Women's symposium

Corey Harkey


Sherie Edwards


In 2011, LAW, along with several other women's legal entities and bar foundations, received a cy pres award from a pharmacy class-action settlement. The settlement agreement contemplated the cy pres distribution of those funds "for the general benefit of and advancement of women." LAW's membership voted to create and host the Marion Griffin Women's Symposium in furtherance of the intent of the cy pres award.

The purpose of the Marion Griffin Women’s Symposium is to advance and educate women in the legal profession within Nashville’s legal community.  The symposium features a keynote speaker and several breakout sessions, which address current legal and societal issues impacting women.  The symposium provides a unique collaborative forum and networking opportunity for symposium attendees, inclusive of local women lawyers and law school students.

The inaugural Marion Griffin Women's Symposium was held in 2017.  The next symposium will take place in 2025. 

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