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About Lawyers' Association for Women, Marion Griffin Chapter.

In 1901, the Tennessee Supreme Court told Marion Griffin that women were not entitled to practice before the court. Today, the Lawyers' Association for Women - Marion Griffin Chapter, invites you to support its purposes and to share the camaraderie of women in the legal profession.

The Lawyers' Association for Women, Marion Griffin Chapter was formed on February 24, 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee. The association emphasizes and addresses issues of concern to women within the legal profession. In particular, we strive:

    • to promote the efficient administration of justice and the constant improvement of the law, especially as it relates to women;
    • to advocate for increased numbers of qualified women on the bench and to work for improvement of the overall quality of the bench;
    • to encourage the participation of women in local, state, national and specialty bar associations, particularly at leadership levels;
    • to monitor and to participate as amicus curiae in litigation involving issues of concern to women;
    • to promote the participation of minority attorneys in the Association;
    • to promote the participation of new attorneys in the Association;
    • to promote career opportunities for women within the legal profession, including the dissemination of job availability information and the exploration of alternative work options;
    • to promote diversity in the legal workplace and within the legal profession generally;
    • to foster public dialogue about unjust societal discrimination and bias;
    • to enhance the quality of life in the community by active participation in community service;
    • to explore the impact of and keep pace with technology relative to the workplace and the practice of law; and
    • to enhance the legal knowledge and skills of attorneys in the Association.
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